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Automated Attacker Synthesis for Distributed Protocols

Published in SAFECOMP, 2020

In this paper we take a formal approach to the automated synthesis of attackers, ie adversarial processes that can cause the protocol to malfunction. Specifically, given a formal threat model capturing the distributed protocol model and network topology, as well as the placement, goals, and interface (inputs and outputs) of potential attackers, we automatically synthesize an attacker.

Recommended citation: von Hippel, M., Vick, C., Tripakis, S., & Nita-Rotaru, C. (2020). Automated Attacker Synthesis for Distributed Protocols. arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.01220.



Functional Programming Tutor

Course, Northeastern, CS2500, 2018

Position held for 2 semesters. Led weekly office hours for introductory functional programming course. Graded dozens of homework each week. Developed mastery of basic functional programming concepts. Course taught in Racket.

Peer Mentor

Course, Northeastern, 2019

Position held for 1 semester. Led weekly one hour course for job preparation for undergraduates.
Held one hour one-on-one interview preparation meetings with students 2 times a week throughout the semester.